And the raves continue:

Arma dei Carabinieri
Arma dei Carabinieri

Thanks to Kristen Richards and ARCHNEWSNOW, she is able to let us know over here at A/N that yes all the hard work, cat fights, long hours, egos might have paid off for the US Pavilion crew. As the reviews come in we will keep them coming. We promise not to put lipstick on a pig about the truth and will post yay’s and nay’s.

The American pavilion – with the best exhibition it has hosted in years, from which celebrity architects are notably absent – showcases 16 projects from all over the country that illustrate how this absence of the state has fostered a roll-up-your-sleeves, do-it-yourself culture, which is proving fruitful and productive in local architecture.

Visions of architecture, practical and inspired, International Herald Tribune

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