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IN THIS ISSUE 04_03.07.2007
Museum for African Art's Harlem Home
New building will extend reach of Museum Mile
At Deadline
Prouve Perched on Pompidou
American scholar donates rare midcentury prefab to French museum
The Crusader
Councilmember Jimmy Vacca wants to shape up the DOB
City Council to Architects: We're Watching
Two bills tighten reins on self-certified plans
Olympic Park a Winner
Luisa Kreisberg, 1935-2007
Revisionist History
New-York Historical Society announces renovation and pushes residential tower plans to second phase
Open: Concert Hall
Miller Recital Hall and Ades Performance Space
Private schools to underwrite Randall's Island sports fields
Trembling before GAD
Abu Dhabi's new museum island will feature starchitecture galore and the world's biggest Guggenheim
Landmark's Making a Splash
Moses' modern pools pending historic protection
Starett City Sale Under Fire
Plan to move complex from Mitchell-Lama raises specter of crisis in affordable housing
Plan focuses on developing transit hubs and protecting quiet residential streets
Emerging Voices 2007
Spotlight on Saarinen
Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future
Let there Be Life
Interactive Architecture Symposium
The (Glass) Medium is the Message
Advice: Ask Pat