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IN THIS ISSUE 07_04.19.2006
Iron Architect
Grzywinski Pons triumphs over Arquitectonica
At Deadline
Peter Slatin
Studio Visit
Daniel Goldner Architects
Showroom: Rogan
Garage Disband
Art Deco structure to be razed despite preservationist pleas
Bright Young Things
Architectural League names 2006 Young Architects Winners
Garden State Green Wave
Designers unveil landscape plan for great falls park in Paterson, New Jersey
Prada Post-Fire
SoHo Flagship store reopens with an exhibition by Miuccia Prada and Amo
Renzo Piano completes his first New York commissionnthe three-year, $106 million renovation and expansion of the Pierpont Morgan Library. Julie V. Iovine observes how Piano preserves the intimacy of the original but risks losing some of its immediacy by making it a crowd-pleaser. Photography by Dan Bibb.
Ready For Their Close-Ups
International Festival of Films on Art
The Age of Innocence
Enduring Innocence: Global Architecture and Its Masquerades
Inside Out
Michael Wolf: Architecture of Density Lynn Cohen: Mixed Messages
Craft Works
Stories from the Source: Radical Craft
Protest: Mark Lamster
A Plea for Yankee Stadium