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IN THIS ISSUE 10_06.08.2005
At Deadline
Rising Tides
Designers respond to global warming
Pushing the Envelope
OMA's new concert hall breathes new life into an old shoebox
From L to XL
New York's top 25 big firms get bigger
National Building Museum, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Legislative delay causes rethinking of renovation
Open: Furniture Store
Cappellini by Builio Cappellini>real estate for sale>
LE CORBUSIER, Loft, 127 m2, Views, Rare
Stamp of Approval
USPS issues stamps to commemorate modern architecture
Vernon Demars Dies at 97
Trump Adopts Twins
The Donlad finds a cause
Same Streets
Congress extends transport bill, again
Pray for Sno
WTC cultural center design unveiled
The View From the Bridge
Weiss/Manfredi's plan for the Brooklyn Bridge Landing
CAD enters another dimension, with two new modeling approachessbuilding information modeling (BIM) and parametric modeling (PM))that offer better design, analysis, and management capabilities. Are architects ready to make the leap? Clay Risen finds out
Flight Club
Naked Airport: A Cultural History of the World's Most Revolutionary Structure by Alastair Gordon and Airports: A Century of Architecture by Hugh Pearman
The Houses of David
David Adjaye: Houses & Projects at the Urban Center and David Adjaye: Houses edited by Peter Allison
On Demand
Thomas Demand at the Museum of Modern Art
A Jury of His Peers
SuperCirt #3: Centre Pompidou at the Research Centre for Experimental Practice, University of Westminster
Not "No More Prisons" But "Better Prisons"