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IN THIS ISSUE 11_09.18.2013
New York's post-Sandy development plan earns accolades.
KieranTimberlake and OLIN transform public space at Philadelphia's city hall.
Brooklyn Greenway shaping up to unite the borough's waterfronts.
Nette Compton, president-elect of the ASLA New York chapter, discusses the future of landscape architecture in the region.
Mildred F. Schmertz on the new book, White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes.
Signe Nielsen and Terrie Brightman find flaws in the Sustainable Sites Initiative accreditation process.
Designers from coast to coast are breaking through the old distinction between grey and green infrastructure to establish strategies that apply a mix of the two.
New digital mapping technology driving urban reforestation efforts.
RKLA redesigns a Rockaways landscape for resiliency.
New feature on the East River Esplanade harkens to New York City's long-lost shoreline.
New York City luxury residences embrace high-end landscape design.
Deborah Berke Partners bringing Buffalo's Richardson Olmsted Complex back to life.
Newark riverfront park system taking shape.
Historic Brooklyn warehouses to become commercial complex.
Gregory Heller's new book recalls Ed Bacon, the architect who helped shape modern Philadelphia.
Stonehill & Taylor Architects design a richly textured space inside New York's historic Colony Arcade building.
Michael Van Valkenburgh and Bjarke Ingels team up for a soaring new landscape design.
With new Michael Van Valkenburgh landscape, Manhattan's Federal Plaza goes from high art to citizen's forum.
Alan G. Brake explores New York's newest waterfront park by Thomas Balsley Associates and Weiss/Manfredi.