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IN THIS ISSUE 04_05.16.2012_MW
Two major stalled projects in Chicago lurch toward completion.
Alan G. Brake calls for balanced infrastructure in Chicago.
The City as Campus: Urbanism and Higher Education in Chicago by Sharon Haar.
A Chicago Top Chef pays special attention to wood and acoustics.
Exhibition at Chicago's Art Institute brings the office outdoors.
SOM Chicago pleats the Beijing skyline.
Cincinnati plans for more streetcars while constructing its first route.
Eavesdrop> The Editors
Trashing Modernism; Bye Bye Blair!
Reconstruction of the Refuge Tonneau
Monica Ponce de Leon transforms the public spaces of a downtown New York hotel.
Aol wanted an energetic vibe for its new Palo Alto offices and design firm O+A delivered.
A townhouse in Greenwich Village provides a family with a refuge of elegant calm.