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IN THIS ISSUE 02_03.28.2012_CA
Michael W. Folonis Architects designs a light-filled Outpatient Surgery and Oncology Center for UCLA in Santa Monica.
Downtown LA's retro-chic makeovers show how retail and restaurants can transform a neighborhood.
Carefree California: Cliff May and the Romance of the Ranch House through June 17.
Freeland Buck uses computer-based fabrication to create the richly-layered Maximiliano.
Sam Lubell on the gap between architectural education and practice.
GSA may limit peer review in design excellence program.
Wood Stock
Cork, bamboo, and lumber take new shapes but have the same sustainable staying power.
Eavesdrop>The Editors
No flight zone; Clicks beat bricks; A less crowded populous.
Visitors center opens at renewed Palm Springs icon, Sunnylands.
Unfulfilled plans leave Vegas' new performing arts center isolated in the desert.
San Francisco scales down America's Cup ambitions.
Michael Maltzan to design Art Center expansion in Pasadena.
AN talks to the 2012 Pritzker laureate Wang Shu.