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IN THIS ISSUE 04_03.07.2012
Toshiko Mori remembers Sato's courage and grace.
Jerde Partnership lays out new plan for Atlantic City.
Canadian firm weds the modernist tradition of building craft with regional materials.
The Mexico City-based firm is on a mission to bring back social engagement to cities.
A micro-office model allows a small firm to work globally on a variety of project types.
The Los Angeles-based firm explores line-work as tectonic expression through an array of variously-scaled installations.
Boston Herald site redelopment moves forward with revised plan by Elkus Manfredi.
Kate Ascher's The Heights: Anatomy of a Skyscraper from the ground up.
Diesel Black Gold Contemporary Showcase by Ryan Korban.
A Long Island suburb fights sprawl.
A call for ideas on design and urban policy from NYC's mayoral candidates.
Meredith TenHoor on MoMA's Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream.
The Bronx is a beachhead for boutique manufacturing.
A Toronto-based studio believes design can affect health, social exchange, and usability.
A New York-based firm blends landscape architecture with activism.
The Skyscraper Museum.
Art work at the Center for Architecture.
Bjarke Ingels Group tower.
Obit of Sato.
Iconic D.C. Museum exterior becomes platform for multimedia art.
LA-based Inaba's designs run the gamut from small installations to masterplanning entire regions.
The Winnipeg-based firm enacts design at various scales and typologies from multi-family residential to public pavilions.
Rehabilitated riverport on the Hudson creates an upper Manhattan destination.
Architecture + Media series launches with a discussion of the state of criticism.