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IN THIS ISSUE 03_02.17.2004
Tall Tales
September 11th spawned a maelstrom of architecture- and architectural writing
Bloomberg's New Design Chief
David Burney leaves the city's housing authority to lead Dept. of Design and Construction
Pier Without Peer
At Deadline
One More Round
Allied works releases new design for Two Columbus Circle
Zone Defense
Community groups unite in response to Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning proposal
Curbside: Peter Slatin
Salary Slump
Senior architects in New York firms earn less than their conunterparts...
Eavesdrop: Aric Chen
Libesking Can't Measure Up, Cooper-Hewitt's Strange Intuit...
The Perfect Flop
Cornell's Hollywood Moment
Dressing Down
Thompson's got the teapots but will there be a party?
Smithson's Legacy Hops the Pond
GSD to house Peter and Alison Smithson archives
Fresh Scheme for Freshkills
Design to transform former landfill opens to public hearings
NJ's Own 9/11 Memorial
On the other side of the Hudson River, another WTC Memorial takes shape
The UK's newest TV makeover program is tackling something more complicated than someone's wardrobe or living room. Kester Ratternbury goes behind the scenes for the made-for-TV revitalization of an entire town.
The Tschumi Manifest-Schrifts
INDEX Architecture ed. by Bernard Tschumi and Matthew Berman and The State of Architecture at the Beginning of the 21st Century ed. by Bernard Tschumi and Irene Cheng
A Guide to Urban Reality
Soundwalk NYC produced by Stephan Crasneanscki
Does Black Architecture Exist?
Black Boxes: Enigmas of Space and Race at Yale School of Architecture
Shoptalk: Michael McDonough
Public Realm: WTC Rebuiding Starts Making Sense