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IN THIS ISSUE 01_01.18.2012
Leers Weinzapfel brings design to often-forgotten infrastructure.
21st-century archive aims to expand how we document the built environment.
Will today's mega-projects retain their glamour long enough to be built?
New Poe Park Visitor Center empty and vulnerable in the Bronx.
Philly firm Onion Flats plans largest net-zero mixed-use development.
Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture by John Hill.
Our annual collection of the best of the East Coast fully published online.
Developer presents rearranged market extension to unenthused community.
Eames: The Architect and the Painter explores the personalities of the classic design duo.
Columbia grad students propose a bold strategy to grow the island that might just work.
A Beaux-Arts porch transforms into an light-filled exhibition space.
Stringing up Maurizio Cattelan's work within the Guggenheim's rotunda took imagination and lots of 3D modeling.
New York's 7 line extension steams ahead.
Jeremy Barbour and Tacklebox use stacked newspaper and felt to create Aesop's New York outposts.