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IN THIS ISSUE 14_09.08.2010
Five visions unveiled in competition to reinvigorate famed Saarinen site
Community groups use view corridors and clever tactics to keep big buildings at bay
Extell tunnels onward in long-waited bid to bury West Side highway, but project may still take decades
Brushing off preservationists' pleas, Parks Department set to raze nearly century-old beach colony
Proposed museum scouts for space at four sites on the National Mall
Editorial> Champing at the Charter
Those Were the Days
Eavesdrop> Isadora Mullion
Consumer Porn, One Fossil to Another, Knock Knock
The Empire Room by Goodman Charlton
Historic C.B.J. Snyder public school building reborn as Collegiate Gothic condos in model adaptive reuse
Gunter Behnisch, 1922-2010
Mitchell/Giurgola and R.A. Heintges remake Rockefeller University's tired lab complex with a sleek hub for collaboration
At Deadline
WTC No Longer a Zero, Fulton Street Ahead, High Five for the High Line, Inside Job at Atlantic Yards
After brain surgery left him blind at 45, a San Francisco architect rediscovered the full sensory world of design
Many architects have taken ultra-transparent glazing to diaphanous levels of refinement, but some are looking in the other direction, probing new dimensions of opacity and performance. Here are five technologically audacious applications from around the world -- whether slumped or acid-etched, corrugated or crystalline -- that show glass in a different light.
Lite Touch
New glass technology brings clarity to the market
Review> Out of India
Ernst Scheidegger's photographs of Chandigarh show a lively city full of promise, one Deborah Gans is eager to visit
Jayne Merkel wanders through Robert Gatje's new book of public squares, which is almost as good as being there