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IN THIS ISSUE 06_06.30.2010_CA
Planning commission approves square school for hip Emerson entertainment interns, the latest from SoCal star
Last-minute change to zoning overhaul could boost building heights a few feet, leading to big changes
Architect Mark Baez may have to tear down his Venice home because it is two feet too tall
William Leddy wants to get past awards and ratings and plaques to a new age of truly responsive, responsible design
Port city of Wilmington is completing its own elevated park, a buffer between loading docks and domiciles
With a new boss, dwindling revenues, and a massive seizure of its funding, CRA/LA is navigating a difficult future
And Then There Was Architecture
New science center merges science and religion
Editorial> Calling the Shots
9026 Eyes by MASHstudios
Eavesdrop> The Editors
SF Planning, a Melodrama; Not a Patron of Architecture; Plane Hype; Google House Search
Renovations improve aging eyesore at LA airport, its largest project to date
City's four picks for contract work have something in common
The Presidio hosts an unusual art exhibit
$110 million project latest addition to growing arts district
Unveiled> Ametron Electronics
Shimoda Design Group's headquarters for a production equipment supplier tunes into Hollywood
Soft Touch
Preserving Oakland Museum's edge
Gehry Partners teaches Las Vegas, that ephemeral city, the importance of permanence
Collaborative in temperament and frugal by necessity, innovative architects are thriving in Mexico City.
It Never Rains
Architecture of the Sun: Los Angeles Modernism, 1900-1970
A Legacy Robbed
A Necessary Ruin: The Story of Buckminster Fuller and the Union Car Dome