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IN THIS ISSUE 06_04.07.2010
Massimo Vignelli recalls his impeccable design partner
Lebbeus Woods recalls the inimitable New York architect
Maki's MIT Media Lab opens in Cambridge
NYC and state set deal for waterfront parks as one opens
Preserving traces of segregation in the South
Congress explores designating the Hudson River Valley
Editorial> POP Goes Public Space
Privately owned public spaces are part of a noble tradition of innovative planning in New York, but many of these slivers of public life are now threatened with privatization, warns William Menking.
Remembering Giorgini, Calling Rescue 1
Eavesdrop> Sara Hart
When the Ceilings Are Too High, Parts I and II; Rooting for Peter Aaron
The Mark Restaurant by Jacques Grange
Restoration work underway on famed Trenton Bath House
Latest round of design work kicks off for Moynihan Station
Product> Watershed Moment
It's time to get smart about savvy rainwater management
In Detail> Cambridge Public Library
William Rawn Associates with Arup and Josef Gartner
Studio Visit> Garrison Architects
At Deadline
Nouvel Shrinking, Always on the Bright Side, Hudson Yards Hold-Up
Bridges, roads, and tunnels -- what we know as hard infrastructure -- are easy to grasp as the backbone of the city. Soft infrastructure is something else altogether. Immaterial, expansively informational, and slippery, soft infrastructure is now more than ever the key to shaping a more dynamic future for architecture. Julie V. Iovine surveys the fast-emerging field.
At MoMA's Rising Currents, designers ponder swales, sewage, and shipping routes in response to climate change. Alan G. Brake braves the elements.
Artificial Kubrick
Craig Hodgetts gets an eyeful of behind-the-scenes Kubrick book AI: Artificial Intelligence
Paint By Numbers
The Architectonic Colour by Jan de Heer
Green Acres
A first look at Sage and Coombe Architects' chlorophyll-clad construction fence