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IN THIS ISSUE 01_01.20.2010
Secure Location
SOM unveils new emergency call center
Whatever Works
SHoP launches new, sustainable retrofit business
New York-based Cooper, Robertson named to help lead Philadelphia's Delaware River masterplan
Waiting to Exhale
AIA numbers slow to improve in 2010
Editorial> Bluntly Speaking
Open> Restaurant
Eminent domain: demise or on the rise?
Eavesdrop> Sara Hart
New Vision at Van Alen
Kazi to pump up the volume at urban think tank
Bubbles Ahead
New director aims to attract attention to Hirshhorn, and himself
Not everyone can be a successful architect-developer
New York's latest iTemple
Going to the Chapel
At Deadline
Studio Visit> Matthew Baird Architects
Delve into AN's 5th annual compilation of resources, where you'll find contractors, consultants, suppliers, and fabricators that made the paper's favorite buildings of 2009 stand up and stand out.
Out of the Box
Bauhaus 1919-1933: Workshops for Modernity
Hearts of the City: The Selected Writings of Herbert Muschamp
Twilight of the Beaux Arts Boys
Henri Jova, A Classical Intermezzo: An Architect's Life
Q&A> William Stout
Long Shelf Life