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IN THIS ISSUE 14_09.09.2009
Robert Siegel remembers a colleague with passionate convictions, a keen sense of form, and a generous spirit
Parrish Pared
Herzog & Meuron go back to drawing board for Southampton's Parrish Art Museum
Sunrise for Sunset Park?
Swath of moribund industry gets city boost
Frenemies of the High Line
Neighborhood balks at surtax to help maintain park
Ed Mazria hopes Congress gets tough on global warming -- and building codes -- through the new climate bill
Times critic Ouroussoff is simply wrongheaded when he declares that Southern California has superseded New York as the nation's center of architectural energy, writes William Menking.
Going Sideways
Billings index rebounds, but still stuck in year-long slump
Parking with Pride, Morphosis Mind-Bender, Slighting the South Bronx
The Plots Thicken, Trippingly Off the Tongue
Comeuppance in Suburbia
Court orders Westchester to make room for lower incomes
Open> Restaurant
Aldea by Stephanie Goto
Long-mired Throgs Neck park and public links finally poised for completion
Unveiled> MahaNakhon
OMA's latest pixilated tower lands in Bangkok
Massive asylum complex to be reused in Buffalo
Citing security threat, feds remove supergraphics at new upstate border crossing
LOT-EK Lands Pier 57
Container-centric plan prevails for latest Hudson riverfront revamp
Fat Lady Sings at Coney
Bloomberg finally finagles deal for amusement area plan
Cecil Balmond's new campus crossing opens in Philadelphia
At Deadline
Not so Superfunny, Conductor Bloomberg, Alsop Retires...For Now
Even as the world gets greener, global power demand is growing, pushing renewable forms like solar energy into the mainstream. Meanwhile, buildings continue to top the list of power guzzlers, consuming 40 percent of world demand. As architecture moves forward, it will become increasingly important to not only use less energy, but to produce it. Aaron Seward investigates the promise and pitfalls of building-integrated photovoltaics, and the hurdles that remain in the way of architecture's future.
Sitting Pretty
Ron Arad: No Discipline at MoMA
Restless, Yet Precise
Dan Graham: Beyond at the Whitney Museum of American Art
Lacking Definition
Defining Urban Design: CIAM Architects and the Formation of a Discipline, 1937-69 by Eric Mumford
Todo Mundo
Rogelio Salmona: Open Spaces/Collective Spaces at the Art Museum of the Americas
Ed Mazria hopes Congress gets tough on global warming -- and building codes -- through the new climate bill