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IN THIS ISSUE 02_03.11.2009_CA
Going Postal
Beverly Hills' new cultural center by Culver City-based SPF:architects
A planned mental health facility in Tucson aims for a more stress-free experience
Life Support?
Stimulus act's California impact still unknown
Parade's End
Gluckman Mayner out at SF Presidio
With construction at a standstill, the future for struggling architects lies in the realm of preservation, renovation, adaptive reuse, and interiors. And it's the green way to go.
Trouble in Paradise
Goleta board balks at beach resort by John Pawson
Open: Bridge
Wyckoff Memorial Bridge
Marvin Rand, 1924-2009
Prolific photographer championed a half-century of LA architecture
Power to the Tree Huggers
The Urban Design Studio discusses pedestrian-friendly design guidelines, nurturing neighborhood character, and the future of the public realm.
Studio Visit: Standard
Silver Lake architecture firm takes a walk on the swankier side of LA design
Morphosis' new Pasadena center is agreeably lively as a volume that looks as if it's falling to pieces.
House of the Issue: Lorcan O'Herlihy
In West Hollywood, Formosa 1140 reinterprets the public and private divide in Southern California
At Deadline
Product: Warming Trends
In the drive to take back pride of place in the contemporary home -- or even the corner bar or restaurant -- soot-free and portable fireplaces have become the latest in customizable furnishings
Introducing our California edition's second annual compilation of the best sources around. From impeccable fittings and furniture from Western Office Interiors to the ingenious problem-solvers at CM Peck Engineering, here are West Coast architects' top contractors, materials, consultants, and more.
New stores blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors in Southern California.
Patterns of Speculation: J. Mayer H.
What Lies Beneath
Cecil Balmond: Solid Void
L.A. Live Unplugged