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IN THIS ISSUE 01_01.28.2009_CA
Holy Furor
Meier church addition rebuffed in Pasadena
Broader Horizons
LA Philanthropist to hold competition for New Museum
The Good Fight
As museums struggle, arch & design curators adapt
LA's Loss
Planning Czarina leaves a high profile
AN's new competition offers a chance to think big for transit infrastructure in Los Angeles.
Get To Work!
Diverse team pitches new National Defense Policy
3.1 Phillip Lim
Crit: Toluca Lake Executive Building
An old lingo, still eloquent
Inherit the Winds
Portland's transit expands with sun and wind-powered station
LA Conservancy releases preservation report card
Phoenix Rising
ASU Journalism School constructed with speed of print
Shanghai Surprise
Gensler breaks ground on China's tallest building
At Deadline
Soft Cell
Whether reviving a Joseph Hoffman print or producing a high-performance fabric, the most dynamic new textiles play off the multiplication of cellular shapes
Despite a national downturn in hotel construction, California is still riding a catch-up wave of new projects.
Nomad 2.0
More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today
Engine of Progress
The Tennessee Valley Authority: Design and Persuasion
Mud Slinging
Earth Architecture
Seattle's kinetic man on the move talks about his Alaskan architectural roots, the West's design boom, and nabbing the AIA firm-of-the-year award.