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IN THIS ISSUE 01_01.21.2009
He'll Take the Boulevard
Hudson Yards landscape architect to design linked corridor
No Alternative
LPC livid over St. Vincent's latest
Fiscal Gridlock
MTA floats new funding ideas as its finances sink
Check It Out
DC ambitiously expands public library system
We're all in favor of shovel-ready, job-creating projects, but as the feds frame the coming stimulus package, let's also make room for truly transformational public works.
Murcutt Is Golden
Pioneering Australian takes top AIA prize
Blu Dot Store Soho
Nervi's New Look
PA plans to go forward with 178th St. terminal renovation
The Crying of 40 Lots
Empire State Building drawings auctioned
Jorn Utzon, 1918-2008
New South Ferry Terminal is reverential toward the city's history
Building A Better Cabinet
Arch Enemies?
Debate flares over bid to alter Jefferson Memorial grounds
In Detail: Triple Bridges
PKSB and Leni Schwendinger Light Projects
Soft Cell
Whether reviving a Joseph Hoffman print or producing a high-performance fabric, the most dynamic new textiles play off the multiplication of cellular shapes.
At Deadline
Welcome to AN's fourth annual best sources survey. Laser-cutting geniuses? Check. General contractors who can operate on a building without anesthesia? You got it. Bark suppliers in North Carolina with the thickest, craggiest wood? Look no further. Plus facade consultants, renderers, lighting designers, landscape architects, MEP engineers, and more stellar sources culled from the best of this year's New York projects.
Engine of Progress
The Tennessee Valley Authority: Design and Persuasion
The Village Green
Green Community
The Fire Last Time
Broken Glass: Photographs of the South Bronx by Ray Mortenson
Preservation Prescriptions
Historic Preservation Technology
AIA NY's new president speaks up about civic duty, star architects, and the aftermath of 2 Columbus Circle.