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IN THIS ISSUE 19_11.19.2008
Concrete contractor indicted for ignoring 102 projects
Pier's a Go
Brooklyn Bridge Park gets Phase I funding
The Hardest Choice
With heavy heart, LPC votes for O'Toole's demolition
Foster Old, Foster New
NYPL's new architect unveils new gallery on Bowery
Let's update Herbert Hoover's vision of American prosperity to include transportation of every kind.
Rudolph at Yale, and AN's fifth-anniversary bash
Street Smart Art
Artschwager facade fronts new Chelsea gallery
Open: Restaurant
Rouge Tomate
Margot Gayle: 1908-2008
Fair Trade
Cash-strapped city gets developer to rebuild midtown schools
Open: Education Center
Action Center to End World Hunger
Short-list for DC Eisenhower memorial announced
Prospect Heights Preserved
870 buildings in BK neighbourhood constitute largest landmarking in 18 years
Unveiled: Hudson Riverfront Performing Arts Center
Hell, No, We Won't Go!
Tenants of "Peace Pentagon" at 339 Lafayette oppose building's potential sale
Green firms see bright future in dark times
New China Pattern
Calvin Tsao envisions a new town plan supported by culture, not commerce
Three schools install green roofs and gardens for practical and pedagogical benefits
Q&A: Ricardo Porro
Studio Visit: Stephan Jaklitsch Architects
Crit: Brooklyn Children's Museum
Honors: Holcim Awards
Honors: United States Artists Fellows
Products: Eco-friendly Chairs
Whether made with a traditional rattan or eco-resin, chairs that are as smart sustainability-wise as they are to look at have become a matter of course
Open: Boutique
Alexis Bittar West Village
At Deadline
MTA, Rogers goes terminal & Hybrid cabs
Green XL
The best new ideas in sustainability are the biggest. AN surveys large-scale green strategies in Orange County's Great Park, investigates the next generation of sustainable skyscrapers in New York, and asks whether the growing number of eco-friendly green roofs carry truly urban-scale benefits.
In Orange County, the car-centric heart of the American dream, New York landscape architect Ken Smith is creating a complex, urban-scale public space that promotes ecological and social sustainability. Jeff Byles explores California's newest and largest public space.
Refining the next generation of green skyscrapers: From 4 Times Square to One Bryant Park, The Durst Organization has profited from a growing awareness of the virtues of green design, along with great strides in energy-efficient technology. Aaron Seward talks to the major players.
Green roofs are easy to love but their urban-scale benefits can be difficult to quantify. Alan G. Brake looks into the current state of vegetated roofs and finds that while public incentives have made them more and more common, more precise tools need to be developed to assess their large-scale impacts.
Axon and On
Ten Canonical Buildings: 1950-2000
Ordos or Ardor
13:100 | Thirteen New York Architects Design for Ordos
Nouveau York
Paris/New York: Design Fashion Culture 1925-1940
Sped through a neckdown lately? Three revealing books take on the rules of the road, and find that if we treat drivers like idiots, they'll behave like idiots.
Concept: Steven Holl
The World According to Steven Holl