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IN THIS ISSUE 09_10.29.2008_CA
Let's Dense
California passes anti-sprawl legislation
In the Green Zone
LA planning clean technology manufacturing center
Get me to the Church
Cathedral of Christ the Light
Game Changer
LA Mayor announces $5 billion affordable housing plan
In next week's election, California architects must vote for their interests as a profession.
Architects for Obama, Trouble on the Homefront, & Bailouts
Memory Park
A new park where Ambasasador Hotel once stood
Open: Restaurant
The Kress
Unveiled: Resnick Pavilion
Gimme Shelter
3rd Annual Parking Day changes spots into parks
SF Mayor sets example with green Civic Center proposal
Living Lodge
SF's Cavallo Point, from military outpost to luxury resort
Playing with Piano
Q&A with Kang Kiang
In Detail: Portland City Storage
Hagy Belzberg's Skyline residence combines cinematic appeal and environmental savvy
Easy Does It
Museum of Tolerance ramps up its look
At Deadline
Au revoir, Jean; Getty-style Get; Green Landing
For the second year AN has compiled what we think are some of the best-conceived, best-designed schools in the West. There's a wide variety here, but all share one thing: innovation -- from building a science school inside an existing biomedical laboratory in Phoenix to transforming a depressed Los Angeles neighborhood with a campus that opens to the community.
UC Merced: California's first sustainable university
Making Bond
Margin Walkers
Loose Space: Possibility and Diversity in Urban Life
Getting it Right
Appropriate: The Houses of Joseph Esherick
God help us if LA County's Metropolitan Transportation Authority makes good on its misguided approach to mass transit, writes Gunnar Hand.