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IN THIS ISSUE 16_10.01.2008
Gateway to Ground Zero
Scaled-back Snohetta Pavilion to open in 2012
Stern Choices
Architecture dean to design new student housing at Yale
LPC Gets Bland
Beyer Blinder Belle partner named to landmarks
AN brings on the blog
Discretion, Self-Loathing, and Cinderella
Javits Redux
FXFowle to debut new masterplan by year-end
Open: Lounge
The Eldgridge by Matt Levine
Obituary: Mario Girona, 1924-2008
Cuban Architect dies aged 84
HOK Split
Sports-centric atelier leaves its parent firm
Former Jersey City railyard due for distinctive athletic fields
Studio Visit: Audrey Matlock
Crit: Jetblue Terminal 5 and TWA building
JetBlue terminal pays quiet homage, but is no match for Saarinen
Diving Right In
LPC approves new plans for McCarren Park pool
Herzog & de Meuron's 820-foot luxe tower, with Costas Kondylis & Partners and WSP Cantor Seinuk
Greening Grand Army
Design trust unveils winning schemes for ped-hostile plaza
At Deadline
Venice hosts seven biennales a year dedicated to the arts, and in September it was architecture's turn. The main show was curated by Aaron Betsky (the first American director to get the job since architecture entered the biennale in 1975) and it spread out across the city and its gardens. Reporting from the Arsenale, the Venetian empire's formidable naval yard in its 12th-century heyday; the Giardini, home of more than 30 national pavilions, including the McKim, Mead, and White-designed U.S. Pavilion, where editor-in-chief William Menking served as commissioner of the exhibit Into the Open; and the Italian Pavilion, which was devoted to experimental architecture, AN took it all in.
Iran Do Espirito Santo: Deposition at Sean Kelly Gallery
Mr. Natural
Leopold Eidlitz: Architecture in the Gilded Age
Future Systems
Urban Machinery: Inside Modern European Cities