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IN THIS ISSUE 08_09.24.2008_CA
A New Start
Roybal school opens in Downtown LA
Building an Appetite
Architects design for SF's Slow Food Nation
Giant Green Steps
SF passes one of the strictest green building measures in US
Economic doldrums hitting West Coast architects
Frame Game
A shiny installation for LA Forum's new headquarters
Open: Showroom
Tesla Flagship Store
Unveiled: Pasadena Bike Transit Center
Open Meadow
Silver Lake Reservoir Faces Changing Tides
Opposing initiatives to fight traffic divide the city
Unveiled: CSU Northridge Performing Arts Center
Making Radio Waves
Clive Wilkinson wins KCRW commission
Mark Taper Forum Completes $30 million renovation
Winner Or Not?
San Diego weighing options for its Civic Center Complex
Glass Acts
Today's most creative glass applications play off ever more sophisticated manipulations of glass as a many-layered thing.
House of the Issue: Lago Vista Guesthouse
West Side Story
An intimate performing arts showcase opens in Santa Monica
At Deadline
If the fundamentals of glass haven't changed much over the last millennium, the way architects and engineers are using it today most certainly has. For our annual glass report, AN spoke to materials scientists and manufacturers pushing the limits of its applications, and found technologically dynamic projects around the world, from environmentally efficient laminates and polycrystalline solar cells to innovative structural safety glass and lo-tech vinyl film sunscreens.
Crafty Men
Living Beautifully: Greene & Greene in Pasadena
Saving Modernism
Preservation of Modern Architecture
LA, For Real
The Exiles: Los Angeles Through the Eye of Kent Mackenzie
Q&A: Ila Berman