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IN THIS ISSUE 15_09.17.2008
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Philly nixes Unisys signs at Center City Tower
New science library opens at Princeton
Soho Says Trash Plan Stinks
Community opposes garbage garage, LEED rating or no
Self-Cert Under Fire
Controversial program back in City Council crosshairs
At Venice this year, the U.S. pavilion shuns star architects, turning instead to confront our compromised urban condition.
New Director for Wash U.
Kathryn Dean to head Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design
OMA Goodness!
Madison Square Park tower unveiled
Taming the Cranes
Council passes trio of bills to make building sites safer
Open: Cafe
1 Dominick
Hines to build Italy's first LEED-certified mixed-use complex with KPF, Pelli, McDonough
Taekwondo Park
Open: Restaurant
Fresh Start For London's AF
Ichioka to replace Moore at Architectural Foundation
The Green Party
Mini and HWKN turn a Chelsea roof into a front lawn dance party
Bird's Eye of Shanghai
Shanghai World Financial Center opens with 101st-floor observation deck
The High Road
Bronx's Highbridge Park gets new access path
The American Architecture Awards
Studio Visit: MADE
At Deadline
Glass Acts
Today's most creative glass applications play off ever more sophisticated manipulations of glass as a many-layered thing
If the fundamentals of glass haven't changed much over the last millennium, the way architects and engineers are using it today most certainly has. For our annual glass report, AN spoke to materials scientists and manufacturers pushing the limits of its applications, and found technologically dynamic projects around the world, from environmentally efficient laminates and polycrystalline solar cells to innovative structural safety glass and lo-tech vinyl film sunscreens.
Vertical Cities: Hong Kong/New York at The Skyscraper Museum shows how Hong Kong's astonishing densities and aggressive conservation moves have resulted in an inspired layering of space.
The Global Marketplace
Public Markets
House Proud: Nineteenth-Century Watercolor Interiors from the Thaw Collection
First Draft
Drafting Culture: A Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards