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IN THIS ISSUE 05_05.28.2008_CA
Into Thin Air
Proposed SF rezoning would shift skyline southward
Almost Grand
Rios Clementi Hale roll out plans for LA's civic park
House Trimming
LA passes mansionization ordinance
Batter Up!
$500 million Dodger Stadium update
With iconic modernist houses fetching top dollar, what about the rancho-style rest of us?
Private Greens
Los Angeles takes going green private
Cool Heads Prevail
Wilshire Center to become country's first green BID
Open: Cinema
ELS Architecture and Urban Design's Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
Crit: The Americana at Brand
Fear and loathing in Glendale
Waiting Game
SF's Market Octavia Plan finally passes
High-Tech Face-Lift
LA Natural History Museum restoration moving ahead
Unveiled: LA Football Stadium
MEIS Architects shows NFL how to go sustainable
At Deadline
House of the Issue
Whitney Sander's cedar-planked aerie
Blast of Lighting
Whether minimal, high-tech, or with a decorative flourish, the latest lighting combines artistry with plenty of smarts
UC Berkeley's outgoing dean of the College of Environmental Design talks about his 12 years at the school
San Diego architects lay hands on development
Ranch Burger Serenade
Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House by Dan Gregory, with photographs by Joe Fletcher
Talent, Interrupted
Saarinen's Quest: A Memoir by Richard Knight
Nature's Way of Telling You
Verb Natures edited by Irene Hwang, et al.
Earth Mover
Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego