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IN THIS ISSUE 05_03.19.2008
Council leaders may use waterfront access in bargaining over Solow plan
Brookfield pulls Hudson Yards bid; focuses on site across 10th Ave.
Digging For Dollars
MTA capital budget mixes megaprojects and maintenance
Dumbo Never Forgets
Community and city rezoning proposals duke it out
Guggenheim's controversial director heads for sandier pastures
Open: Natatorium
Flushing Meadows Corona Park Aquatic Center
ABC Carpet Going Mod
Tom Dixon, Kartell, and BluDot to be sold at bastion of eclecticism
Dirty Work
Two designs presented for Gowanus brownfield
Open: Design Center
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
Curtain Raiser
Milton Glaser to transform Chelsea Theater into new branch of SVA
At Deadline
No Way, AIA! Downsizing Befalls Brooklyn
Atlanta and its neighbors in the Southeast seem to have settled into a permanent state of drought, but New York has the opposite problem: every year, the levels in the harbor rise. The two phenomena are flip sides of the same coin -- the inexorable and accelerating process of climate change, which presents a difficult set of problems for architects and urbanists. More and more firms are exploring ways to adapt to its effects and plan for the future. Jeff Byles explores why, when it comes to sustainability, blue is the new green.
Raise the I-Beams
Support and Resist: Structural Engineering and Design Innovation
New Spirit of China
Building China: Five Projects, Five Stories
Man About Town
Frank Lloyd Wright in New York: The Plaza Years, 1954-1959
Last Word: Herbert Muschamp
Ave Atque Vale