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IN THIS ISSUE 13_08.01.2007
Green Acres
Urban Agriculture Grows in East New York
Sara 2007 Design Awards
Design Analysis: Public Space
All in the Open at Governors Island
Awards honoring new ideas and lifetime achievement
DOD issues deck of archeological monument playing cards
Unpaving Paradise
New standards to make NYC's parking lots greener
P.S. 1's summertime pavilion opens to crowds
In Construction: Old D.C. Courthouse Expansion
Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners with Robrt Silman Associates
The Way They Were
A model for artists' housing turns 40
Campus Makeover at Yale
Foster said to get commission for new school of management
In the Nick of Time
Hadid installation temporarily replaces delayed serpentine pavilion
Open: Restaurant
Studio Visit: Stoney Pelsinski Architects Neukomm
London embassy office building on the block
Open: Restaurant and Market
Borough Food and Drink
William LeMessurier, 1926-2007
Among Giants
Williams & Tsien to build at University of Chicago next to Mies, Saarinen, and Olmsted
The 24 Faces of Philip Johnson
An exhibition shows multiple portraits of a complex man
Open: Boutique
A Chat with the New Man at MoMa
Breuer Tower to Fall
Clevland oks Cuyahoga County's demo plans
Albany makes 421-a changes
How Sweet It Is
Domino refinery moves ahead at landmarks, city planning
Amid neighborss disputes, commission gives historic-district status to seminal planned community Sunnyside Gardens
All That Glitter is Just for Show
Today's sales centers and model apartments can be swankier than the luxury condos they're meant to sell.
The Next New York
New York, XL
For our third annual developers issue, AN takes stock of massive changes in the shaping of 21st-century New York. Photography: M.E. Smith
Dialogue: Steven Spinola and Carol Willis
With construction in the works and on the way at near flood levels, negotiating the swift waters of New York City development is trickier than ever. AN asked Carol Willis, Director of the Skyscraper Museum, to sit down with Steven Spinola, President of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), and talk about the direction of new devlopment in the city. Photography: Yoko Inoue
A History of the Future
Visionary Architecture: Blueprints of the Modern Imagination, Future City: Experiment and Utopia in Architecture
Q&A: Richard Pare
Space is the Place
The Shapes of Space
The Sound of Architecture
Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?
Anytown, America?