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IN THIS ISSUE 14_09.05.2007
At Deadline
Agreement Reached on WTC Stairs
Acoustician Russell Johnson at Dead 83
New Director Departs MAD
Open: Boutique
3.1 Phillip Lim
Mostafavi Joins Harvard
New GSD dean returns calm to school
With reforms, Bloomberg, Lopez, and Ratner all see victory
At Deadline
State Money for New Housing
22 affordable projects for NYC announced
David Mandl, 1954-2007
An Encore in Baltimore
Johansen's brutalist Mechanic Theater designated landmark
NY firm wins competition to design landscape around Guggenheim
Underground History
Were 2 Brooklyn building stops on Underground Railroad?
With zoning change pending, caution amid speculation
As smoke clears, a cloud of frustration takes its place
Since the days of Vitruvius, architects have turned to nature for inspiration, but today's designers are thinking about the way a sea sponge behaves, not just the way it looks. Biomimicry, or the imitation of nature's functions and systems, is helping push the boundaries of structure and sustainability.
Carving His Place
David Adjaye: Making Public Buildings
Blurred Reflections
Glass House
The Home Front
Domesticity at War
1st Annual Control Group/Storefront Award