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06.26.2015: VernerJohnson sets museum ablaze with dichroic glass.
(Sam Fentress)
06.26.2015: A recent AN roundtable sparked discussion and debate on architecture and torture.
Courtesy MoMA
06.25.2015: New design for Uber HQ in San Francisco shares with the community.
06.25.2015: Pratt and Institute for Public Architecture symposium looked at the past of New York City affordable housing in hopes of discerning the future.
Courtesy IPA
06.24.2015: NCARB takes steps to eliminate the term intern architect.
Courtesy Page
06.24.2015: Leers Weinzapfel brings three departments together under one green roof.
Courtesy Leers Weinzapfel Associates
06.23.2015: Chip Israel remembers the founder of Lutron Electronics and visionary in lighting and technology.
Courtesy Lutron
06.23.2015: Richard Meier takes AN on a personal tour of his Model Museum at Mana Contemporary.
The Architect's Newspaper
06.23.2015: ASD, Rogers Partners, and Ken Smith reconceive St. Petersburg's Pier.
courtesy ASD/rogers partners/ken smith landscape architect
06.22.2015: Do computer drawings have the intimacy and poetry of the best hand rendering?
Courtesy Michael Graves Architecture & Design
06.22.2015: Lina Bo Bardi: Together at the Graham Foundation.
06.19.2015: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Bronze The Waldorf Astoria Beijing.
(Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture)
06.19.2015: Selldorf Architects rejuvenates a New York City women's landmark.
Jonathan Chesley