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12.18.2013: Top administration officials team up to form non-profit consultancy.
Courtesy NYC Mayor's Office
12.18.2013: New initiative will allow locals to alter the streetscape in Los Angeles.
Jim Simmons / Courtesy LADOT
12.17.2013: Streetscape remake in West Side Manhattan neighborhood includes stormwater-retention measures.
Courtesy Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects
12.17.2013: Julia Morgan posthumously wins AIA Gold Medal; First woman to receive the honor.
Mark Anthony Wilson
12.17.2013: Patrick W. Ciccone on the new book, The Fragile Monument: On Conservation and Modernity.
Courtesy Artifice Books
12.16.2013: Beck Group designs a 21-story tower adjacent Denver's Union Station.
Courtesy Beck Group
12.16.2013: Installation gives New Yorkers a means to address their new mayor, Bill de Blasio.
Bryan Pace / Talking Transition
12.13.2013: Philip Berger explores the Art Institute of Chicago's new exhibition, New Views: The Rendered Image in Architecture.
Courtesy Eric De Broche Des Combes / Luxigon
12.13.2013: Snohetta unveils entry stair unifying old and new at SFMOMA.
Courtesy Snohetta / SFMOMA
12.13.2013: Aerodynamics of transit inform the design for new public seating in busy pedestrian areas like train platforms.
12.12.2013: Alastair Gordon serves up his impressions of Miami / Art Basel 2013.
Iwan Baan
12.12.2013: Renzo Piano creates a subtle counterweight to Louis Kahn's masterwork in Fort Worth.
Robert Polidori
12.12.2013: West Hollywood reveals finalists' proposals for major new park.
Courtesy LPA