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06.10.2014: Idaho couple proposes paving the nation with specialty solar panels.
Courtesy Solar Roadways
06.09.2014: Rockwell Group filters its signature theatrical style through the magic of Hawaii.
06.09.2014: Wiscombe and Gilmore plan museum in Los Angeles' historic district.
Courtesy Tom Wiscombe Architecture
06.09.2014: Deborah Berke mixes hospitality with gallery in this Bentonville lodging.
06.06.2014: Roman and Williams hearkens back to the glamour of old New York.
Christian Horan
06.06.2014: Tara Bernerd & Partners hammers out a rough luxury in view of Lake Michigan.
06.06.2014: Chris Bentley considers the best land use requirements for this Chicago historic district.
chicagogeek / Flickr
06.05.2014: A bevy of new Denver hotels push design to the forefront.
Courtesy Semple Brown Design and BOKA Powel
06.05.2014: Chicago's vertical South Loop high school finishes construction.
James Steinkamp / Steinkamp Photography
06.05.2014: Tod Williams Billie Tsien chosen for UC Santa Cruz Institute of the Arts and Sciences.
Courtesy TWBT
06.05.2014: Pearlescent wallpaper and alligator-skin motifs make a splash at this rooftop lounge.
Marian Kraus
06.04.2014: Mildred Schmertz reads Martin Filler's Makers of Modern Architecture, Volume II.
Courtesy The New York Review of Books
06.04.2014: Aaron Seward contemplates the imminent destruction of John Johansen's Mummer's Theater.
Courtesy Elliott+Associates Architects