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07.08.2013: The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit examines a community's reaction to its urban condition.
Courtesy University of Michigan Press
07.08.2013: San Francisco-based firm uses simple forms and materials to create dynamic mixed-use projects.
Bruce Damonte
07.02.2013: Chris Bentley reminds Chicago not to ignore its neighborhoods as it embarks on a new cultural plan.
Brian Woychuk / Flickr
07.02.2013: Where there was once a highway, Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architects has designed a sleek residential building in San Francisco.
Courtesy Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architects
07.01.2013: Mathews Nielsen proposes two solutions for Manhattan's Pier 42.
Courtesy Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects
07.01.2013: Philip Berger reviews the Art Institute of Chicago's cross-disciplinary exhibition, Sharing Space: Creative Intersections in Architecture and Design.
Courtesy Art Institute of Chicago
06.28.2013: An ambitious designer used Rhino to design and fabricate 20 variations on a chair in four months.
Courtesy Alexander Purcell Rodrigues
06.28.2013: An Asian-inspired tea shop in Manhattan embraces its West Village home.
Mark Qu
06.28.2013: Brininstool + Lynch crafts a sense of community for a Chicago office with sleek lines and rich texture.
Christopher Barrett
06.27.2013: Joel Sanders designs moments of intimacy within an apartment visually linked to Central Park.
Peter Aaron / OTTO
06.27.2013: New York-based firm crafts sleek residences and impactful urban spaces.
Donna Dotan Photography
06.26.2013: Questions about the Getty's focus on LA's flashiest stars.
Edward Cella Art & Architecture
06.26.2013: San Francisco moves to establish eco-districts.
Courtesy San Francisco Planning Department