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11.04.2014: Nelson Byrd Woltz presents initial ideas for redesign of Houston's Memorial Park.
Courtesy Nelson Byrd Woltz
11.04.2014: Charlie Rose recognized with the 2014 Vincent Scully Prize for his contribution to architecture.
Courtesy National Building Museum
11.03.2014: New York City's cash strapped libraries sell development rights.
Courtesy Marvel Architects + Brooklyn Public Library
11.03.2014: A new micro-park on 50th Street conceals MTA mechanicals.
Courtesy MTA
11.03.2014: Installation inverts conventional relationship between architectural models and images.
Courtesy Michael Szivos
10.30.2014: Brooklyn's largest and most stunning theater gets a meticulous renovation.
Matt Lambros
10.30.2014: Awards announced honoring leading-edge sustainable design.
Courtesy Respective Firms
10.30.2014: A polyphony of design voices make up Austin's new Lamar Union complex.
Courtesy Michael Hsu
10.29.2014: Kieran Timberlake designs a delicate addition to the the New Orleans-based institution.
Courtesy Kieran Timberlake Architects
10.29.2014: Hotel and data center headed for Chicago's motor row.
Courtesy Antunovich Associates
10.29.2014: Legal issues halt construction of Pacific Park's SHoP-designed modular tower.
Courtesy SHoP
10.28.2014: Former barracks in Kenya is now a university undergoing a Midwest-led expansion.
Courtesy DLR Group
10.28.2014: Sabrina G. Richard reads a new collection of Sim Van der Ryn's essays on sustainable design.
Courtesy Routledge