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09.18.2014: Michael Webb reads this new title on the work of Peter Zumthor.
Courtesy Scheidegger & Spiess
09.17.2014: Contemporary stone envelope asserts the continued relevance of book learning at GVSU.
Courtesy SHW Group, now Stantec
09.17.2014: Gideon Fink Shapiro reads the first comprehensive scholarly study of Paul Rudolph's career.
Courtesy Yale University Press
09.17.2014: World Trade Center Performing Arts Center scraps Pritzker winner's design.
Courtesy Gehry Partners
09.16.2014: Escher Gune Wardena "up-cycles" cast offs from the fashion brand's manufacturing processes.
Lily King photography
09.16.2014: AECOM designing new path to connect New York City's East River Esplanade.
Courtesy AECOM
09.15.2014: Roof park at San Francisco's Transbay Center faces test.
Courtesy TJPA
09.15.2014: The National Aquarium hires Studio Gang to rethink its operation.
Courtesy Studio Gang
09.12.2014: Aidlin Darling Design's industrial chic beer factory in California.
Courtesy Aidlin Darling Design
09.12.2014: Box Studios Designs a colorful, efficient office for a digital media company.
JJ Jetel
09.11.2014: SPF:a principal discusses his departure from the Academy Museum team and more.
Courtesy AMPAS, SPF:A
09.11.2014: Johnsen Schmaling Architects designed a house that folds into the hills of Wisconsin.
John J. Macaulay
09.10.2014: Earth-toned GFRC panels and contrasting metal wrap Petzl's new North American hub.
Dana Sohm