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03.27.2015: A decades-old tax program has become a flashpoint in the New York City housing debate.
Henning Klokkerasen / Flickr
03.26.2015: The MIT grad and professor engages in what she calls "Material Ecology."
Steven Keating
03.26.2015: The Mexico City practice designs with nature in mind, believing that "earth, gravity, and light" must be present in every building.
Courtesy Ambrosi Etchegaray
03.25.2015: Famed artist to bring color-filled chapel to UT Austin.
Courtesy Blanton Museum of Art
03.25.2015: Long Beach reveals aquarium addition by EHDD.
Courtesy EHDD
03.24.2015: M. Paul Friedberg & Partners reveals long-awaited park near former St. Vincent's Hospital.
Courtesy Studio A+I
03.24.2015: The Spanish architect opens up about his work on the World Trade Center Transit Hub and a nearby Greek Orthodox Church.
Courtesy Santiago Calatrava
03.24.2015: Whether itts adding architectural definition to buildings or landscapes, providing ambient illumination, or as a way-finding tool, these luminaires bring an after-dark shine to design.
Courtesy Platek
03.23.2015: A Garment District project proves more than skin-deep.
Courtesy GRT
03.23.2015: James Way reads Pornotopia: An Essay on Playboy's Architecture and Biopolitics by Beatriz Preciado.
Courtesy Playboy
03.20.2015: Caitlin Mociun gives the white wedding a color-infused poke in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Courtesy Nicholas Calcott
03.20.2015: Marc Jacobs flagship store features a tripartite facade of aluminum, tile, and glass.
Liao Yusheng
03.20.2015: Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Art explores the architectural process in Sketch to Structure.
Heinz Architectural Center/Lorcan OOHerlihy