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11.13.2014: Zago Architecture designs a dynamic office with numerous touchdown spaces.
Joshua White
11.12.2014: Renovation plans revealed for Orange County's Crystal Cathedral, now known as Christ Cathedral.
johnson fain/ rios clementi hale
11.12.2014: SL Green promises Grand Central improvements.
Courtesy KPF
11.12.2014: Chicago developer banks on Mod townhouses for urbanites.
Nicholas James
11.11.2014: Built Inc. invokes the glamor of old-school organized crime at this West Hollywood restaurant.
Courtesy Built Inc.
11.11.2014: Chris Bentley pumps the money making potential of People Spots.
Courtesy CDOT
11.11.2014: Ryan Flener wonders if Dallas' I-345 might be worth saving.
Ryan Flener
11.10.2014: Paul Gunther sees a depressing future for Midtown on 53rd Street.
Paul Gunther
11.10.2014: Metro approves Los Angeles Union Station master plan.
Courtesy Grimshaw
11.10.2014: Milwaukee plans downtown streetcar, developers and lawyers respond.
Courtesy Rinka Chung Architecture
11.07.2014: Michael Newman designs a modern Mexican restaurant for Chicago's West Loop.
Michael Newman
11.07.2014: Caples Jefferson architects builds an ambitious center for a Brooklyn living history museum.
Nic Lehoux
11.07.2014: WHR and SWA design a public plaza for Houston's GRB convention center.
Courtesy WHR