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04.11.2014: Washington, D.C. picks team to revamp Mies van der Rohe's Martin Luther King Memorial Library.
Courtesy Martinez + Johnson and Mecanoo
04.11.2014: Detroit developer salvages Palmer Park buildings.
Aaron Foley
04.11.2014: Forged in the heady political climate following 9/11, this California-based studio's work blends activism and architecture.
Matthew Millman
04.10.2014: A healthcare technology giant in Wisconsin draws on its pastoral setting, redefining the term "server farm."
Courtesy Cuningham Group
04.10.2014: Tibby Rothman on Alex Gorlin's new book, Kabbalah in Art and Architecture.
Courtesy Pointed Leaf Press
04.10.2014: A wood-lined interior and southwestern touches help define a poolside eatery in Austin.
Patrick Michels
04.09.2014: New York City-based owner's representative's portfolio reflects its interest in the non-profit sector.
Eduard Hueber /
04.09.2014: Albuquerque motel converted to affordable housing.
Courtesy Newlife Homes
04.09.2014: FXFOWLE designs La Central, a mixed-use and mixed-income development in the South Bronx.
Courtesy FXFOWLE
04.09.2014: A high-performance facade weaves a diverse program into a single volume.
David Matthiessen
04.08.2014: University of Missouri-Kansas City business school design seeks "generous pragmatism."
James Ewing
04.08.2014: Could the Cornfield be Los Angeles' High Line?
Courtesy California State Parks
04.08.2014: Sayigh + Duman and 2x4 rethink a flagship showroom in Manhattan with an emphasis on the design community.
Michael Biondo