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11.11.2015: Oklahoma City struggles to preserve its deco and high modernist heritage as glass towers spring up around the downtown.
Matthew Rutledge / Flickr
11.10.2015: Designers can enhance the look of any interior environment by incorporating expressive and unique decorative glass into the mix.
11.10.2015: What's old is new again in Washington, D.C., as the Renwick Gallery, the "American Louvre," reopens in November.
Joshua Yetman / Courtesy Renwick Gallery
11.10.2015: Philadelphia alleyways get ranked A-F as they are set for a makeover.
Courtesy shift_Design
11.09.2015: The new book, The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform, explores innovations at the intersection of energy, politics and architecture.
Janette Kim and Erik Carver
11.09.2015: Perkins+Will uses flexible works spaces to define an open office environment and subsequently the culture of Gyro in Chicago.
Michelle Litvin
11.06.2015: Unbroken bands of window walls sit beyond an exterior diagrid concrete structural frame in Manhattan's Upper West Side.
Courtesy Handel Architects
11.06.2015: St. Patrick's Cathedral renovations finally near completion in New York City.
John Baer
11.06.2015: Landscape architect Ken Smith shares why he thinks a tree's bottom half is its better half.
Ken Smith
11.05.2015: Mimi Zeiger wonders about the role of nature and the "real" in a wonderfully artificial city.
Ryan Tanaka
11.05.2015: In Hypernatural, architects explore the built environment's evolving relationship with nature.
Courtesy Matsys
11.04.2015: St. Ann's Warehouse finds a new home in a converted tobacco depot on the Brooklyn waterfront.
David Sundberg / Esto
11.04.2015: New (and old) visualization tools change the face of landscape architecture.
Courtesy Heatherwick Studio