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07.09.2015: A focus on workplace ergonomics and indoor-outdoor connections define Gensler's Denver office, creating a lively, interactive environment.
Courtesy Gensler
07.08.2015: Minnesota's largest private employer readies $6.5 billion urban master plan.
Courtesy Perkins Eastman
07.08.2015: HOK and Mark Cavagnero design a public safety building in San Francisco.
Tim Griffith
07.07.2015: Will a Major League Soccer venue renew South Los Angeles?
Courtesy Gensler
07.07.2015: Margie O'Driscoll remembers the San Francisco architect.
Courtesy KMD Architects
07.07.2015: From courtyards to car parks, pedestrian streets to city plazas, pavers offer an aesthetic and durable alternative to ordinary asphalt and concrete surfaces.
Courtesy Hanover Architectural Products
07.06.2015: Midcentury Houses Today presents 16 modern homes in New Canaan, Connecticut, in their contemporary condition.
Michael Biondo / Courtesy Monacelli Press
07.06.2015: With A. Finkl & Sons Co. under demolition, what's next for Chicago's Clybourn manufacturing district?
Ian Freimuth / Flickr
07.02.2015: Young-Old: Urban Utopias of an Aging Society explores the ways Baby Boomers want to live after retirement.
Courtesy Lars Muller Publishers
07.02.2015: Krueck + Sexton designs a high-tech facade to embody the dignity, enterprise, vigor, and stability of the U.S. Government.
Nick Merrick/Hedrich Blessing
07.01.2015: Lina Bo Bardi: Together explores the prolific career of the Italian-Brazilian modernist architect.
Ioana Marinescu
07.01.2015: Mark Hogan walks us through the San Francisco neighborhood that has sprung up in place of the demolished Central Freeway.
Mark Hogan
06.30.2015: Inside or out, these six systems encourage spatial efficiency in both commercial and residential settings.
Courtesy Sky-Frame