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10.01.2013: Designers from coast to coast are breaking through the old distinction between grey and green infrastructure to establish strategies that apply a mix of the two.
Tom Fox / SWA Group
10.01.2013: New digital mapping technology driving urban reforestation efforts.
Courtesy Spatial Analysis Laboratory
09.30.2013: Mimi Zieger on Never Built: Los Angeles.
Courtesy Steven Holl Architects
09.30.2013: RKLA redesigns a Rockaways landscape for resiliency.
Courtesy RKLA and Avoid Obvious
09.27.2013: New feature on the East River Esplanade harkens to New York City's long-lost shoreline.
Peter Mauss / ESTO
09.27.2013: SOM and Lorcan O'Herlihy give new life to a stalled project in West Hollywood.
Courtesy SOM
09.27.2013: Designed by Snnhetta and Architexas, this pavilion's exposed structure demanded extremely tight tolerances of Irving, Texas-based fabricator CT&S.
09.26.2013: Alan Hess on Modernist Maverick, a new exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art exploring the architecture of William Pereira.
Barbara Stumm / Courtesy Nevada Museum of Art
09.26.2013: Rockwell Group's new restaurant and bar add a touch of luxury to Mies van der Rohe's mid-century IBM Building.
Tim Street Porter
09.25.2013: New park space planned on Chicago's Lake Michigan shoreline.
Courtesy CDOT
09.25.2013: New York City luxury residences embrace high-end landscape design.
Courtesy Nancy Owens Studio
09.24.2013: Deborah Berke Partners bringing Buffalo's Richardson Olmsted Complex back to life.
Courtesy Andropogon
09.24.2013: Newark riverfront park system taking shape.
Colin Cooke