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02.17.2015: Chris Bentley talks to SOM's Philip Enquist, author of The Great Lakes Century Vision Plan.
Courtesy SOM, Thirst
02.17.2015: Brooklyn redefines the waterfront as a place for stormwater management.
Courtesy WE Design
02.16.2015: MFA-Houston unveils Steven Holl-designed expansion plan.
Courtesy Steven Holl Architects
02.16.2015: Kevin McClellan reads the new book, Lake | Flato Houses: Embracing the Landscape.
Hester & Hardaway
02.13.2015: Snow Kreilich Architects designs a weekend retreat on a Minnesota lake.
Paul Crosby
02.13.2015: While the loss of the organization should be mourned, many others continue its important work, argues Jessica Garz.
Courtesy Surdna Foundation
02.13.2015: Collaborative installation translates sound into motion.
Bryan Derballa
02.12.2015: John Rossant, chairman of the New Cities Foundation, discusses the promise, limitations, and risks involved with mining Big Urban Data.
Courtesy IBM
02.12.2015: Inside the closure of Architecture for Humanity.
Courtesy Architecture for Humanity
02.12.2015: Using Big Data to analyze traffic, energy use, water flows, air quality and other factors, architects and planners are designing the smarter cities of tomorrow.
Courtesy SOM Chicago
02.11.2015: Tulay Atak visits Ways to Modernism: Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos, and Their Impact at the MAK in Vienna.
Courtesy Peter Kainz/MAK
02.11.2015: Controversial building backing Philadelphia's Rodin Museum moving forward.
Courtesy Barton Partners
02.11.2015: The Facades+ conference offers a unique opportunity to interact with the movers and shakers of the AEC industry.
Sean Davis/Flickr