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12.22.2014: Architects speculate on the future of East Lansing and Michigan State University.
Courtesy WXY
12.22.2014: Philip Berger reviews The City Lost and Found, a survey of representations of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Courtesy Art Institute of Chicago
12.19.2014: Framework is made of 260 unique steel boxes, laser-cut and sculpted on an 18-axis metal forming machine.
Courtesy Arktura
12.19.2014: Jake Gorst remembers the granddaughter of E. Stewart Williams.
Tribe Media
12.19.2014: STL designs a new home for Chicago's premier French school.
Courtesy STL
12.18.2014: Without more detail, is Chicago's Lucas Museum dead on arrival?
Courtesy MAD
12.18.2014: Lower Manhattan gets a scrumptious taste of sexy British high-tech.
David Sundberg / Esto
12.18.2014: Downtown Los Angeles' South Park neighborhood experiencing a tower renaissance.
Courtesy Harley Ellis Devereaux
12.18.2014: The facade's stainless steel panels form a wave pattern, cutting down on glare and heat loads while representing the contribution computing has made to design.
Courtesy Cornell University
12.16.2014: William Menking draws our attention to New York City under the reign of Mayor John Lindsay.
John Atherton / Flickr
12.16.2014: Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects designs two 350-foot-tall towers in Hollywood.
Courtesy Natoma Architects
12.16.2014: Insightful apps for engineers and architects.
Courtesy ITW Building Components Group
12.15.2014: Vegas' newest addition hopes to lure an NBA team to the desert.
Courtesy Cuningham Group