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08.10.2015: Gehry wades into LA River master plan, stirring up ripples of praise and dissent.
KCET Departures / Flickr
08.10.2015: SOM reboots a dusty warehouse on Chicago's Goose Island as a high-tech office and research hub for digital manufacturing.
Christopher Barrett Photography
08.07.2015: Barbara Bestor's Blackbirds in Los Angeles proves that good, dense housing isn't a flight of fancy.
Christine Bullard
08.07.2015: Wave-like composite facade animates SFMOMA expansion.
Tom Paiva / Kreysler & Associates
08.06.2015: Cory Buckner's book on Crestwood Hills illuminates the history and lasting social legacy of LA's first large-scale cooperative housing complex.
John Dooley
08.06.2015: Mimi Zeiger talks to Architecture for Humanity co-founder Cameron Sinclair about his latest for-profit venture, the Department of Small Works.
Leo Veger
08.05.2015: For half a century, Gensler Chicago has honed its expertise in interiors, producing a diverse portfolio of projects, from corporate offices to hotels.
Courtesy Gensler
08.05.2015: The Design Trust and NYCDOT team up to revamp the underused, neglected stretches beneath the city's elevated structures.
Courtesy Linda Pollak / Design Trust
08.04.2015: Here are some of the most popular products of the year thus far, as measured by the volume of online traffic.
Courtesy SieMatic
08.04.2015: Chinese architecture firms and development companies are moving into the American market.
Courtesy Lucas Museum
08.03.2015: Formosa South on The Lot aims for an "urban village" in Hollywood.
Nico Marques / Photekt
08.03.2015: Rafael Vinoly's thoughtful design of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute elevates the Boston site, and complements the adjacent JFK Library.
Courtesy Edward M. Kennedy Institute
07.31.2015: Sam Lubell pushes for affordable housing, walkable streets, improved infrastructure, and progressive design in Los Angeles.
BKL / Flickr