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09.04.2015: Matt Shaw talks with four developers who are working in alternative ways.
Courtesy Noe & Associates and The Boundary
09.03.2015: Erdy McHenry Architecture brings Meyerson Hall at Penn's School of Design into the 21st century.
Courtesy Erdy McHenry
09.03.2015: A look at Austin's development boom and its effects on the housing market.
Lars Plougmann
09.02.2015: Competition heats up for major public space project in Milwaukee.
Courtesy James Corner Field Operations
09.01.2015: San Jose and the future of affordable housing in Silicon Valley.
Bernard Andre
09.01.2015: Chicago incentivizes private development of affordable housing.
Courtesy Related Midwest
09.01.2015: Healthcare interiors are becoming more hospitality than hospital-like in their design and furnishings.
Courtesy Wieland
08.31.2015: Capping an era of urban renewal in the South Bronx.
David Sundberg/Esto
08.29.2015: FXFOWLE's monograph gives a fresh perspective on presenting work.
Courtesy FXFOWLE
08.28.2015: Old and new technologies combine in renovated anthropology building.
John Horner Photography
08.27.2015: Judith Barry and Ken Saylor discuss labor issues in the Gulf and beyond.
Courtesy NASA
08.26.2015: James Corner Field Operations freshens up the archetypal office park with a dynamic landscape and pops of color.
Jennifer Tran/PIDC
08.25.2015: Remembering one of India's most prominent post-independence architects.
Courtesy Charles Correa Associates