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03.20.2015: Caitlin Mociun gives the white wedding a color-infused poke in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Courtesy Nicholas Calcott
03.20.2015: Marc Jacobs flagship store features a tripartite facade of aluminum, tile, and glass.
Liao Yusheng
03.19.2015: This Guadalajara-based practice sees architecture's past as an integral part of its present.
Onnis Lugue, Daniel Maldonado, Andrea Soto
03.19.2015: HWKN overhauls an old warehouse for the University of Pennsylvania.
Courtesy HWKN
03.18.2015: Collaboration is at the heart of this Boston firm's work, which ranges from architecture to furniture and graphic design.
James Horner Photography
03.18.2015: New York City unveils Vision Zero pedestrian safety plans.
Dani Simons / Flickr
03.17.2015: Two more houses open on Philip Johnson's New Canaan estate.
Harf Zimmermann
03.17.2015: In his second piece on the architecture of fracking Brantley Hightower zeroes in on a boom town south of San Antonio.
Brantley Hightower
03.17.2015: These light fixtures and accessories go beyond the basic function of illuminating a space in some very surprising ways.
Courtesy ILEX
03.16.2015: Brian Newman reads Last is More: Mies, IBM, and the Transformation of Chicago.
William Zbaren
03.16.2015: Colgate University to build $21 million Center for Art and Culture by David Adjaye.
Courtesy David Adjaye Associates
03.13.2015: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's upstream battle for citywide ferry service.
Juha Uitto / Flickr
03.13.2015: Chris Bentley visits Jimenez Lai's collaborative architectural exhibition, Treatise: Why Write Alone, at the Graham Foundation.
Courtesy Andrew Kovacs