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Sayigh + Duman and 2x4 rethink a flagship showroom in Manhattan with an emphasis on the design community.
Michael Biondo

Design Within Reach
957 Third Avenue
Tel: 212.347.1135
Designers: Sayigh + Duman, 2x4

Design Within Reach has opened a new Manhattan flagship store in midtown east. The brand is refocusing on the design community, and the store—split over second, third, and basement levels, with a small street level entrance—is an ideal place for architects and designers to bring clients, with distinct areas for testing and trying products and textiles.

Sayigh + Duman, the store’s designers, worked closely with the in-house creative team to rethink how the brand displays its products. The studio also collaborated with 2x4 on the store’s graphics, signage, super-graphic scrims, and custom wallpapers. The store is a playground for designers, with a “chair lab,” where customers can try out and arrange the iconic seating in any combination, and a “swatch wall” with hundreds of textiles.


The space’s most architectural feature is a mezzanine “apartment” suspended between the second and third floors comprising two small room vignettes, which will be redesigned by in-house or guest designers. “The difficulty was that it needed to be a landmark but the ground floor space was so small,” said principal Koray Duman. “We needed to create a big effect to get people upstairs.” Wrapped in the company’s fire engine red—as are the stairs and elevator bank—the boldly colored space draws the eye up from the street into the store.

Alan G. Brake