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Open> Pronto Kiosk
Aidlin Darling Design's San Francisco food cart is crafted from aluminum plate.
Courtesy Aidlin Darling Design

Pronto Kiosk
3153 17th Street
San Francisco
Tel: 415-738-0444
Designer: Aidlin Darling Design

“It’s kind of like a mini food truck, but with a lot more design,” said Joshua Aidlin of Pronto Kiosk, by Aidlin Darling Design. Built by a single fabricator using only aluminum plate and paint, the mobile cafe is sleek and simple, with a white-and-orange color scheme that stands out from a block away.

The kiosk was created with both customer and barista in mind. While the operator has everything within arm’s reach, the customer moves across the front of the cart, from trays of food at left to an ordering station and, on the end of the cart, a space for drink add-ons.

“In a way it’s the most ecologically responsible restaurant. We’re not consuming a lot of materials, and we’re using public space,” said Aidlin.

Anna Bergren Miller