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Best of Design Awards
Some of the most exciting and innovative American architecture to be completed in 2013 fills out AN's first annual design award program.
Montage by AN

On December 6, in New York City, six jurors convened to parse the merits of the more than 250 projects submitted to AN's first annual Best Of Design Awards. The jury included Kate Orff, principal of SCAPE; Thomas Hanrahan, dean of architecture at the Pratt Institute and principal of Hanrahan Meyers Architects; Wes Rozen, principal, Situ Studio; Mic Patterson, partner, Enclos; Dan Wood, principal, WorkAC; and AN's own William Menking. The winners have been published in six categories, starting with Building Of The Year and moving through Best Facade, Best Interior, Best Landscape, Best Fabrication Project, and Best Student-Built Work. In each category the jury selected a winner and two honorable mentions. The one exception is Building Of The Year, which is a three-way tie.

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