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Brooklyn-based studio hOmE designs a Scandinavian beer bar using a kaleidoscope of wood.

615 Manhattan Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Architect: Kushner Studios with hOmE

Step into Tørst, Greenpoint’s latest hot-spot, and you may catch yourself muttering, “Not another North Brooklyn throwback to a bygone era.” But that would be a bit unfair.

The Scandinavian beer bar, which opened this past March, aims to be the premier destination for international suds aficionados, importing exotic tap and bottled brews never before savored in the United States. The interior of the space, designed by local studio hOmE (with architecture by Kushner Studios)—which also decked out the nearby Manhattan Inn and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Parlor—in collaboration with New York–based contractor Precision Innovations, mirrors the wide-ranging beer menu through a kaleidoscope of wood.

The rugged walls, handcrafted chairs, and patterned tabletops are made of reclaimed pine and cedar, while the banquette benches are composed of oak and feature a simple rope border. A long, smooth, white Carrara marble countertop contrasts with the otherwise rustic atmosphere. Behind the bar is a custom-made, state-of-the-art draft system, also set in Carrara marble, whose most notable design element is its stained oak wood handles. Brass accents embellish the bar and an antique street lamp imported from Copenhagen lends a soft glow to the room, setting the perfect atmosphere for working up a beer buzz.

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