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Open> Bar
Chicago's J. Parker offers panoramic views of Lake Michigan from atop a Lincoln Park hotel.
Erik Kleinberg

J. Parker
Hotel Lincoln
1816 North Clark Street
Tel: 312.254.4747
Designer: Dirty Lines Design

Sip your Negroni under the stars and amidst the skyscrapers at J. Parker, a spacious new glass-walled rooftop lounge atop the 12-story Hotel Lincoln. The 160-seat open-air space offers a multitude of cozy and elegant lounging areas. A cabana here meets plush cushion-adorned couches there, all with a panoramic view of Chicago’s skyline and arresting scenes of Lake Michigan and the Gold Coast. Rope lights illuminate bar-height round tables, and two outdoor fireplaces and wood paneling provide warmth to the exposed space. One particularly enticing corner nook, tucked away on a bed of grass, is surrounded by potted trees and greenery, complementing the neighboring trees visible below. Designer Andrew Alford, of Dirty Lines Design, sticks to a minimalist layout. An unfussy palate of beiges, tans, and greys allows the skyline's natural splendor to take center stage.

Clara Freedman