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Unveiled> City Point Phase Two
Cook+Fox designs a pair of towers in Downtown Brooklyn.
Two new towers are planned in phase two of City Point (left, center) and a taller third tower (right) is planned in the future.
Courtesy Cook+Fox Architects

City Point Phase 2
Architect: Cook+Fox with Lee Weintraub Landscape Architecture
Client: Washington Square Partners
Location: Brooklyn
Completion: 2015 and 2016

With a four-story retail complex ready to open along Brooklyn’s Fulton Street Mall, City Point’s second phase, designed by Cook+Fox with Lee Weintraub Landscape Architecture, is ready to move forward. Phase two consists of two residential towers—standing 19 and 30 stories and holding a combined 650 units—sitting atop a 500,000-square-foot retail podium. “The whole project is envisioned conceptually as one project, a big mixed-use transit-oriented development,” said Cook+Fox partner Rick Cook. “This is a perfect spot for a tall building in Brooklyn.”

Cook said the towers’ skins are currently being designed, but each building will have its own identity. “We intend to play off a similar fenestration pattern and skin” of the first phase, Cook said, which could incorporate the same custom-glazed white terra-cotta tiles. Landscaped areas are subtly incorporated into the site and on the rooftops. “We’ve created a series of recesses on the street wall where we could incorporate green spaces,” Cook said. A glass market hall leads through the site to the planned Willoughby Park by Michael Van Valkenburgh. A future third phase calls for an even taller building that Cook said will anchor the corner with a strong sense of verticality.

The new towers will displace the popular shipping-container bazaar, the Dekalb Market, currently in its last year of operation, but Cook said there may be an opportunity to keep a portion of the market operating on the site of the third future tower. “We’re hoping there’s a way to have the Dekalb Market inform the tenancy inside the project, bringing in Brooklyn-centric retailers,” Cook said.

Branden Klayko


A detail of the streetscape along Flatbush Avenue (left). Finishing details are added to City Point's first phase on Albee Square, in front of the phase two site (right).