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There's more to new concrete than meets the eye.
Courtesy Respective Manufacturers

Concrete Collection

Concrete Wall

Created by Norwegian photographer Tom Haga, the Concrete Wall collection is a line of vinyl wallpaper printed with Haga’s high-resolution images of raw and refined concrete, cinder block, brick, and graffiti. Prints are manipulated for each client so that the image never repeats. Washable and UV-resistant, the sheets are available in sizes up to 4 feet wide and 82 feet long.


Translucent Concrete


Translucent concrete maker Luccon has added two new options to its line of fiber optic cable-embedded concrete blocks. The first, Luccotherm, is a translucent concrete with an integrated insulation core, making it suitable for a variety of facade applications. The second introduction, Luccon veneer, was developed to give product designers a translucent concrete veneer that has three-dimensional pliability and can be cut, drilled, and glued.




Lafarge has developed a new fast-draining concrete pavement using a proprietary aggregate matrix designed to provide a very homogenous finished product, resulting in a more predictable stormwater management system. In addition to the environmental benefits of managing stormwater with permeable concrete, the Hydromedia system reduces costs associated with manmade drains and the higher solar reflective index of traditional pavements.




Modeled after industrial and urban environments, Refin’s new Graffiti collection reinterprets the look of rough concrete in porcelain stoneware. Monochromatic tiles in a wide range of sizes range from grey to warm tones and are textured with irregular marks. The line includes two graphic collections: Urban, featuring an abstract collage of images and text; and Grigio, a geometric pattern over grey porcelain.


Urban Touch


Fioranese’s Urban Touch line imparts the look of pockmarked concrete on glazed porcelain stoneware. Tiles are available in 24- and 18-inch squares and 12-by-24-inch rectangles in four colors: Corda, Cemento, Mastice, and Grafite. Three finishes include Flat, Arrow (a brushed finish), and Roof (a nailhead pattern). Mosaic tiles are also available.


Bevel Bench

Situ Urban Elements

Constructed with a new ultra high performance concrete called Taktl, Situ’s Bevel Bench requires minimal maintenance, features a sleek silhouette, and is suited for harsh weather conditions. The bench’s mirroring front and back pieces allow for compact shipping. The two sides, separated by a thin reveal, are secured along an integrated spine with stainless steel fasteners. Freestanding and surface-mount designs are available.

Jennifer K. Gorsche