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Unveiled> St. Teresa's Academy
Gould Evans' metal veil pays homage to the patron saint of lacemakers.
Gould Evans

St. Teresa’s Academy Windmoor Center and Chapel of St. Joseph
Architect: Gould Evans and Associates
Client: St. Teresa’s Academy
Location: Kansas City
Completion: Late 2012

The Windmoor Center and Chapel of St. Joseph at St. Teresa’s Academy, designed by Kansas City-based Gould Evans and Associates, is a 10,000-square-foot building that will house four high-tech classrooms that can combine into one large area for banquets and a new 150-seat chapel.

The building will become the gateway to the campus and serve as the southern enclosure for the college-like campus quad area. A survey of students and faculty identified a need for a contemplative space that is flooded with light. To exemplify the core principles of the school and its original founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Gould Evans worked with local fabricator A. Zahner Company to develop the most distinctive aspect of the design, a delicate, feminine metal veil that shrouds the outside of the structure and evokes the school’s namesake, St. Teresa, the patron saint of Lacemakers. On the north side of the structure, the firm used traditional brick and glass to connect with the rest of the historical buildings.

Gunnar Hand